4 Ways To Speed Up Social Security Disability Payments

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Are you worried that you won't receive your social security disability payments fast enough? When you have a disability, every day counts; you may be falling behind on bills and wondering how long the waiting period for SSD will last. There are some tactics you can use to speed up your payments, however, especially if you have a serious issue.

1. Ask for an On-the-Record Decision

There are a couple of ways that you can be declared disabled. You may need to go to court to determine the status of your disability or you may request an "on-the-record" decision regarding your disability. An on-the-record decision will apply if you have enough medical documentation to show that you are clearly disabled. You can work with your doctor to furnish this information. If you have enough information, you can then be declared disabled and begin receiving your payments following the standard waiting period. If not, you can still appeal. 

2. Report Your Current Financial Situation

Are you about to be foreclosed on or evicted? Have you had your vehicle or furniture repossessed? If you are in immediate need of funds and the reason that you do not currently have funds is related to your disability, such as by not being able to work, the social security department will likely attempt to get you payments faster. You will need to show that you do not have enough money for your basic needs, however.

3. Get An Official Diagnosis for Any Terminal Diseases

If you have a terminal disease, getting an official diagnosis from a medical professional will significantly speed up the process. Those with terminal illnesses will receive their benefits much faster than those with more manageable disabilities. Note that your actual prognosis, such as how long you have to live, may also affect when you begin receiving your payments -- certain cases may be considered more urgent than others.

4. Consult the "Compassionate Allowances List"

For very serious diseases, such as types of cancer, you can apply for something called a compassionate allowance. A compassionate allowance is given to those who have one out of around 200 serious diseases. This program is designed to ensure that those with serious diseases do not need to wait too long for their social security payments. 

By far the easiest way to speed up your social security disability payments is to get social security disability representation. There are attorneys who specialize in working with the social security system and will be able to advise you on the exact path that you can take to get payments as soon as possible.