Were You A Victim Of Food Poisoning? 2 Questions You May Have About Suing

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If you recently ate at a restaurant and got sick due to food poisoning, you may be considering your legal options to receive compensation for your damages. It's possible that you had a trip to the emergency room, lost wages, and some out of pocket expenses due to the recovery process. Before you decide to get an attorney and take the restaurant to court, ask yourself these two questions.

Will It Be Worth It To Sue?

The key part of any personal injury lawsuit is how much damage was caused. In some cases like car accidents, your injuries are so substantial that it is going to be worth taking your case to court. This may not always be true when it comes to food poisoning.

The extent of your injuries will play a big role in determining your course of action. If you only experienced a stomach ache from your restaurant meal and were able to treat it with non-prescription drugs, then there may not even be much worth suing over. If you were hospitalized, were unable to work, or needed to pay for professional help such as childcare or medical assistance, you will have a good reason to go to court.

Attorneys that specialize in personal injuries can consult you about what course of action you should take.

Can I Prove I Got Food Poisoning From A Specific Restaurant?

If you did have food poisoning worth suing over, you must prove that the restaurant was responsible for it. This can be difficult to do, because the restaurant's main argument will be that another food source was responsible for the food poisoning.

A great way to prove your injuries is by getting examined by your doctor. A doctor can diagnose a food poisoning illness, and even identify the food that you caused the problem based on your symptoms. It's important to visit the doctor right away, because your doctor may not be able to link your illness to a food if you wait a long time to get professional help.

It also helps to seek out other people that may have gotten ill that ate at the same restaurant that night. Multiple cases of food poisoning can be what will seal the deal for your personal injury lawsuit. 

Getting compensation for food poisoning is not as easy as it seems. They are difficult to win, and restaurants aware well aware of that when they go to court. By working with an attorney, like those at Greenberg Walden & Grossman, you can ensure that you have a solid case that is worth suing over.