3 Costly Mistakes In Auto Accident Cases

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Being involved in a car accident isn't exactly the most pleasant experience around. It can cause a lot of pain and suffering, not to mention medical and car repair bills. If you were involved in an accident, you are probably trying to figure out what to do next. It can be a very confusing time for you. However, it is also a time where you don't want to fall prey to some of the common mistakes made by others in your situation.

Don't say you aren't injured.

There is no way to be sure if you are injured or not until after your doctor has evaluated your condition. While it might seem like you are fine right after the accident occurred, that doesn't mean an injury won't surface tomorrow. Oftentimes, your adrenaline is running high. You don't feel pain. It takes time for your cortisol levels to come down and your body to realize whether it is in pain or not. The best thing you can do is to let the insurance company know that you are waiting to get checked out by your doctor before you can give them a report on your injuries.

Avoid giving out your medical history.

The insurance company will often want access to all of your medical records from before the accident. This way they can claim that your injuries are the result of an incident from your past. They want to avoid having to paying you money, so they are going to try and claim that the problem has been there and they shouldn't have to pay you for an injury that isn't their fault. You have the right to tell them no. don't share your medical information. Go to your own medical doctor for treatment. Your doctor can send the report to them directly.

Don't try to estimate how bad the damages are.

There is no way for you to possibly know what the total cost is going to be to repair your vehicle until after the shop has gone through everything thoroughly to assess the damages. By throwing out numbers, you are giving the insurance company an amount to base your settlement on, regardless of the total cost to repair the vehicle. Make sure your estimate is for the same quality parts you have on your vehicle. Don't accept cheap replacement parts.

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