Wins And Losses: How To Deal With Filing A Wrongful Death Against A Family Friend

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Almost everyone has at least one daredevil friend. This is the friend that will often find danger a little bit thrilling and exciting. As long as this is kept in check, there may not be any issues. One of the worst possible problems that could occur is the death of a family member as the result of the daredevil family friend. If this has occurred, here are some ways to deal with filing a wrongful death suit against a family friend. 

Hire an attorney to deal with the details

If you are dealing with the death of a family member, you may find day to day life hard enough. Hiring an attorney to deal with the wrongful death of your family member will make things easier. Get an attorney on behalf of your immediate family who can collect the facts of the case and get the ball rolling as far as filing the suit. Having a representative for the family as soon as possible will make going through the case less strenuous in an already highly emotional time. 

Understand that it may be necessary

Some families may find it difficult to bring a possible wrongful death suit against a family friend. If you are having a hard time with filing the suit, have a family discussion and ask everyone what they think the best course of action should be. Wrongful death claims do not have to be high in cash, they can often be symbolic for the family about the facts and cause of death. It is also important that any survivors left behind are properly cared for and the person who caused their death should hold some stake in this responsibility. A family meeting can help iron out any confusion and help everyone understand why a wrongful death suit is necessary. 

Be open to contact later on

Though you may have to file a wrongful death claim against a family friend because of the harm their actions caused, it is not uncommon to still feel affection for them. If the harm was not intentional, they may feel terrible about causing the loss of a life of a good friend. Being open to having possible contact with the person you must file the wrongful death suit against is one way to help heal. They may wish to apologize, and hearing their apology may also help your family come to terms with the accident. 

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