Fired After Making A Complaint At Work? Why You Need To Hire A Wrongful Termination Lawyer

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Were you recently fired from a job because you chose to speak out about unfair practices that were taking place in the office? If some of the people working above you were taking advantage of you, treating you unfairly, and making uncomfortable remakes because of your gender or race, you may have decided enough was enough, reporting those comments and the unfair treatment to someone in the HR department. When you made your report, you probably expected things to get better, but they might have become much worse for you. If your employer fired you shortly after those complaints were made, you may have a wrongful termination lawsuit on your hands.

Explaining the Situation

If you did absolutely nothing wrong but were still conveniently fired after making a complaint, there is something suspicious going on and the situation must be addressed. Find a lawyer in your area who takes on wrongful termination cases. Once you find a lawyer you can work with, start explaining the situation and provide any proof you may have. The proof could include:

  • Emails, texts, or handwritten notes that support the claims you made against the original employees when you went to the HR department.
  • Letter of termination from your employer that explains your reason for getting fired.
  • Any additional information you've documented while working in the office and receiving poor treatment.

The lawyer is going to want to hear your side of the story. After explaining everything that went on, your lawyer can help you file a claim against your former place of employment and several of the people who work there.

Understanding What Happens Next

After finding out you're filing a lawsuit, your former employer may try to offer your job back, but you might not want to work there any longer because you don't want to work in a hostile environment surrounded by people who don't like you for no reason at all. You don't have to take the job back. In fact, you can continue pursuing compensation for your wrongful termination and the mistreatment you experienced as an employee at that specific place.

Some businesses are willing to settle to avoid a lengthy legal process, ultimately providing compensation to you. Your lawyer will try to get you some compensation to make up for everything you've had to go through. If the company you worked for doesn't want to settle, the case will need to go to the courtroom. An experienced lawyer isn't afraid to take the case to the court while providing factual evidence that proves the company in question wrongfully terminated you.

If you were fired for no reason after making a complaint because you were mistreated, you need to seek legal advice from a wrongful termination lawyer. You likely have a case on your hands and may be able to file a lawsuit against your former workplace.