Why Do Personal Injury Lawyers Offer Free Consultation Visits?

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Most personal injury lawyers specialize in certain types of case, but almost all of them offer free consultation visits. A free consultation visit offers a way for a person to gain legal advice for free, and it also offers a chance for the lawyer to hear a case. If you have a case that you would like to discuss with a lawyer, you can probably do this for free, and here are the top two reasons most personal injury lawyers offer free visits to people with potential cases. 

They want to hear your case to determine if they should accept it

One of the top reasons for offering free appointments is to give the lawyer the opportunity to hear your case and decide if he or she wants to accept it. If they offer free appointments, they have the chance for people to come to them to tell them their stories about accidents or other types of situations. As a person tells the lawyer what happened, he or she will be listening closely to the story, the facts, and the details. Because of this, a person must prepare for this visit by gathering all the evidence possible, so the lawyer can see and review everything related to the case. This includes bringing a police report, medical bills, and reports from doctors.

The lawyer will be able to ask questions during this time, and he or she will also be able to examine the evidence a person has about their case. This gives the lawyer a chance to review all the facts, research the case, and make a decision about accepting it.

They only get paid if they win

One of the reasons lawyers want to hear cases before accepting them is to find out if there is enough evidence to prove the case in order to win. Personal injury lawyers are hesitant to take cases that lack evidence, and this is primarily because they only receive payment for services when the cases win. In other words, if a case does not win due to a lack of evidence, the lawyer gets nothing for handling it, and this is why lawyers are selective when accepting cases.

These are the main two reasons most personal injury lawyers offer free consultation visits. If you have a case that you would like to pursue, contact a personal injury lawyer to set up a free consultation visit with a lawyer today.