Settling An Injury? Be Sure To Do These 3 Things

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Were you injured and in the process of settling an injury lawsuit? You will need to do the following 3 things to ensure that it goes smoothly.

Remember How Much You Must Reimburse Your Insurance Provider

When you are fighting for a settlement in a personal injury lawsuit, don't make the mistake of forgetting that you have to pay back your insurance provider for all the medical bills that they covered for your injury. It is part of the agreement you made with the insurance provider when you got your health insurance policy, and you are required to reimburse them for the medical bills that they paid if you receive compensation through a lawsuit.

Why is this important? Because you must know what those bills are when requesting compensation. You not only need the settlement to cover the bills but to cover your lawyer costs and any pain and suffering damage that you requested. If the total settlement is lower than what your medical bills are, then all of that settlement is going to go to the insurance provider. While this may seem obvious, many people do not think about the settlement in this way and settle for much less than what they deserve. 

Itemize All Expenses

Want to make things easier on yourself when figuring out what your compensation should be? You'll need to keep an itemized list of all those expenses. It is not only the expenses that are out of your own pocket but what your health insurance provider is paying.

Keep track of the total amount billed, what your insurance company adjusted the amount to as part of their agreed-upon rate, the amount that the insurance provider paid, and the amount that you paid. This will help ensure that all of your expenses are covered when seeking compensation and that no cost is missed. 

Look Up Previous Jury Verdicts

If you are trying to get the upper hand on your insurance adjuster, it will help to look up past jury verdicts for injuries that are similar to yours. This is proving to the insurance adjuster that there is a precedent of you winning in court if your case goes to trial and proof of how much your case is really worth. This could be the extra nudge the insurance adjuster needs to get approval from their supervisor to give you the appropriate compensation for your injury. Contact a personal injury attorney in your area.