3 Primary Questions To Ask Your Probate Attorney

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If you have worked hard all your life to secure your family's future, it's important to ensure everything is handed over and run properly once you pass on. Failure to plan can cause issues later. 

One way to avoid this is getting a probate attorney to execute the estate plan and intestacy laws. Probate attorneys help people navigate the complicated probate process with ease, even though probating an estate is governed by many family-level and legal procedures.

How do you pick an ideal probate attorney? Below are three questions to ask when choosing or during the first meeting.

How Does Probate Work?

Once you hire an attorney to handle your estate matters, that doesn't mean you cannot get involved. One ideal way to help your attorney is to understand how probate works. Usually, the probate process varies depending on the instructions on the will, creditors, assets, heirs, and estate size. But there's a basic process that includes gathering details of the assets and debts, applying for probate grants, and repaying outstanding debts. 

Have a meeting with your attorney and ask them to share information about how your estate's probate process will be handled after sharing your goals. This way, you will prepare and know when to offer help to make their work easier.

Can Someone Challenge Your Will?

Your loved ones or beneficiaries can contest your will if they think it's not representing their intentions for the estate or is invalid. For instance, they can challenge the will if they believe it is forged, you weren't mentally sound when writing it, or that you were under undue influence. Having a probate lawyer to represent you will come in handy. They will prove that the will is valid, even if some beneficiaries or family members are dissatisfied.

What Will Happen If Your Estate Is Mishandled?

Soon after you are gone, heirs, beneficiaries, and executors can mismanage your assets. You will need a neutral party to handle such a problem as soon as it happens, and that's a probate attorney. Their work is to take swift legal action to protect the estate from misuse and ensure all matters are executed as planned regardless of the complexities. 

Get a probate attorney who is capable of acting accordingly when someone tries to mishandle your assets. They should provide legal help to stop the problem, remove the individuals, or ask for compensation for the wasted resources.

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