How Your Social Media Use Can Impact Your Personal Injury Case

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When you are injured by a negligent party and intend to file a personal injury lawsuit, one of the things you should pay attention to is your use of social media. Social media has such great importance in everyday life, and it can be hard to place less emphasis on it for a period of time. However, sharing too much information via social media can do a great deal of harm to your personal injury case. Here's why:

Opposing Counsel Can See Your Social Media

Even if you have all of your social media channels set to private, opposing counsel could get access to your accounts if they make a formal request and permission is granted. Even if permission is not granted to see your social medial accounts, anything you share that was not private is free game for anyone to see. This includes anything you are tagged in. If the attorney for the opposing side sees anything on your social media or sees anything you are tagged in that can incriminate your case, you could lose your claim. For this reason, it is crucial that you lock down your social media accounts and consider not posting anything until after your case is over.

Pictures Can Damage Your Case

Pictures are used all the time in personal injury cases. Almost all forms of social media use pictures and videos as a way to share. If you post any pictures online, you can open yourself up to be scrutinized by the attorneys for the opposing side. Even if you think your pictures are innocent, they can potentially be used against you in some way.

Your Social Media History Can Do Damage

Another thing to think about is your social media history. Although you may not think about your past activity on social media, it can come back to hurt you in a personal injury case. Certain things you say or pictures you have posted a long time ago might hurt your case today. To help prevent any issues, your attorney may have you go through all of your social media posts and remove pictures and posts that could possibly hurt your personal injury claim. From this point forward, you should be very mindful about anything you post online, or just deactivate your accounts for a while.

If you have any questions about social media use during a personal injury case, be sure to reach out to your attorney to get clarification.

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