3 Reasons To Hire An Attorney After A Motorcycle Collision

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A motorcycle collision can leave a rider with serious injuries that require hospitalization for weeks or even months. While it is natural to focus on recovery during this difficult time, it is just as essential to think about the legal aftermath of the accident. Below are just some of the reasons why many riders choose to retain the services of a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. 

Assessing the Accident

Most motorcycle collisions happen in the blink of an eye, but they are complex events that require thorough investigation. Gathering various pieces of evidence—such as police reports, witness statements, and surveillance photos or video footage—is not always feasible if you are still recovering. More difficult still is the task of using whatever evidence you have in order to form a compelling case. This process is one that is best left to experienced motorcycle collision lawyers who can convincingly convey the facts of the case to insurance companies or judges.

Negotiating a Settlement

More often than not, the initial settlement offer you receive from an insurance provider will be the bare minimum that they believe they can offer based on their interpretation of the accident. Unfortunately, this also means that you may miss out on the compensation you rightfully deserve. Luckily, riders who have been in a motorcycle accident can benefit from an attorney who helps to put the facts of your case in perspective. This means comparing your accident to similar ones that have happened recently and using this context to negotiate a better settlement on your behalf. This is no small matter—it can mean having extra funds you need to pay for everything from medical bills to everyday expenses that your wages would normally cover.

Litigating a Case

Almost all motorcycle accident claims are eventually settled without having to go to trial. But if you believe that you have not received a settlement offer that is even close to being fair, then you should hire an attorney at their earliest convenience. They can begin the paperwork that sets in motion the grounds for a lawsuit and continue to represent you throughout the trial. Without legal representation in court, you have slim odds of successfully winning the case, even if the evidence is overwhelmingly in your favor.

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